Balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle.  Even in our hectic world, we can still find balance right at home.  Using all-natural products that are free of artificial foaming agents, colorants and other junk is just one way of balancing your body.  

INTRODUCING OUR NEW LINE OF OATMEAL SOAPS . . . Original, Lavender, and Sweet Orange.  Try some today . . . your skin will thank you for it!!
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Here at Soapcetera, we believe what you put on the outside of your body, affects the inside of your body. That's why we've created a line of all-natural synthetic-free REAL soaps and body products that feed, nourish and rejuvenate your most important (and largest) organ . . . your skin!

No synthetic ingredients or fragrances are added to our products . . . just lots of love, quality oils, salts & organic herbs from Mother Nature herself.  We scent our products with therapeutic-grade essential oils purchased from suppliers who certify their oils to be pure.   Essential oils are known to enhance your psychological and physical well being, so it's no longer just a shower or a bath . . . it's an experience!

{{ Clean up your act . . . NATURALLY! }}

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SOAP (noun);  1) ​having no inferior added substances, 2) pure, 3) unadulterated, natural.